Thursday, December 17, 2009

You might want to sit down

Wow. Just wow. Good going Melbourne. You must be so proud. That dude in the leather jacket at the end sure is.

Let us remember a time when THIS was the worst rap to stab our ears and eyes. A happier time.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Not here tho.

Ive decided to compartmentalize a bit.
From now on, music is at or here for the ultra lazy like me.

Crap like this will continue to live here, amongst the other flotsam.

"Where do i start" is right. That grease is disgusting and those singing hamburgers with the lipstick are sluts.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Now Im not one to nit pic...

A part of me feels bad doing this. I mean, here we have Cheri. An 80s band who, despite some serious quality work, never really made it. I mean, i assume there are people (like me) who think they were just tops, but that doesnt really pay rent now does it.

Anyway, this was my introduction to Cheri. And boy did I squeal when i got this for 50cents. In fact, i think i liked it so much that i managed to ignore a rather glaring error on Cheri's part.

Good song, right? Yeah. But see, its not really Murphy's Law she's bitching about. Its Karma. But, i guess Karma doesnt really have that "ring"...that "je ne sais quoi" that is so important in ugh, "artistic license". And perhaps my inability to excuse (or actually, my even noticing such an ideological error) is just further evidence that I am getting old and cranky.

BUT. The 2 rule applies, and i found this also, and its both ideologically correct, and questionably uh, well... you listen.

PS. Im still looking for this MP3 which has been incredibly impossible to find. Should you feel generous....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Strange Case of Alice Cooper

This is why i dont go to concerts often.

What is the chance im gonna see a GIGANTIC BOTTLE OF TEQUILA dancing on the stage? WITH A HAT!? A cyclops with a headlight for an eye? Costumes w a codpiece? (ugh dont mention lady caca here).... Zero chance. And Im an optimist.

Here's part one. From the record written in the mental institution. I cant say i really love this record, but, man, could he put on a show. He also does old songs, but im a sucker for a bottle that dances while im sober, so i posted the first one.


Family of Eve: I wanna be loved by you

Family of Eve: Having it so bad for you

Bernard Estardy: Autoscopie

Bernard Estardy: Ala Mia Thra

Yellow Magic Orchestra: 1000 Knives Live (and really &@#*(&(@# good)

Yellow Magic Orchestra: Behind the Mask

Moroder: Tears

Moroder: fIrst hand experience in 2nd hand love

The Clash: Magnificent Seven

The Clash: Ivan Meets GI Joe

Alex Gibson Punk Parade

Alex Gibson: Suburbia (Soundtrack)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mr Goodbar

DAMN! Tits been a while, huh? Lol sorry, got myself a life. Not really a fantastic one, but one that keeps me busy.

Ok im lying. But the good thing about neglect is that it allows you to amass a whole lotta lovin while you're off doing whatever, which is amplified by the guilt you feel upon your return!

So here's the better songs from the insanely overpriced Looking for Mr Goodbar cd.

Donna Summer: Try Me I Know We Can Make It

Donna Summer: Could It Be Magic

Greg Diamond Starcruiser: Danger (12")

Boz Scaggs: Lowdown

Commodores: Machine Gun

DIana Ross Love Hangover (subbed out for Dont Leave me this way by thelma H cos uh, w/e)

Monday, June 22, 2009

terrible terrible commercial w too much fog.

Its a rocket launcher alright. :14 in you're launched into what i would have to say is THE WORST commercial i have ever seen. If i were to count the things "wrong" with those mere :15 seconds, i BET i could find 1 awful thing per second. That face when he says "Oh no". His flying thru that fake ass universe on his keyboard. That triple turn. All that wind in his curly frizzy hair. That fog.

no, not THAT fog. (dont i wish)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Total and complete shit records.

I cant even think of an introductory sentence for what is to follow. I will warn you: get a bucket handy.

Sigh. Hearing this piece of garbage drags me right back to my childhood. Shuddering in horror at how, my led zep and patty smith and talkin heads loving mom not only HAD this record, but would listen to it. A lot. Ugh. Just listen to these lyrics. Kids dont understand romance, and quite frankly, are usually horrified by it. Young me was no exception.

But If pailed in comparison to this lovely little ditty that could turn even the most bright sky dark fucking black and stormy. JESUS GODDAMN CHRIST. Not only did this song remind me of grandpa (quiet man of music who happened to be blind) but ugh its so depressing. And the music is so boring that it really makes you focus on the lyrics. When this record would come on (via stereo in the house or tape in mom and dad's car, i would HOWL. ABSOLUTELY HOWL. People wonder why i chewed on my parents leather volvo interior- this is why.

Well well well. ANOTHER DAN FOGELTURD song. This was a minor annoyance in comparison to the leader of the band, but again, file this under "kids dont "get" love songs and they dont like them. Creepy. Oh and how many people really love this song? And what does this SAY about humanity? This video looks like a life insurance ad.

ZZZzzzzzz.....FIle this under really boring story songs. And really what a song it is. The first part of the song you cant even figure out if he's singing about his daughter or his wife. I wanna know how she died. Maybe she hung herself from that tree. And his logic is flawed; he could be with her if he could. Its easy; im sure the tree is still there.

Again, Bobby Goldsboro. Notice that this post has REPEAT OFFENDERS? I hope you did. Cos i noticed. And it goes w my 2 rule: 2 good songs and ill pay attention to your band. Which means that im SURE these 2 vomitocious bands have a LOT more schmaltz in their repetoire than I have discovered thus far. Which also means that I have some really really bad records I need to listen to.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

the Saints, the Damned and the Monks

For some ODD raisin, I feel like hearing this today. Lol, captain sensible on drums?

There is a sequitur! The damned covered this (good too).

And uh, YES, i know about the Monks. And this is the only song by them i like.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I dont like Scott F*cking Walker

I know, kinda a lot of vitriol huh? Oh ive got reasons. Actually one. I just heard this.....thing.

MY HEART! The sheer FUCKERY! WHAT IS THIS (besides the WORST version of one of the best songs ever written)? I heard this and wanted to bash my head on my table. My table is glass. I considered that factor and still wrestled with the idea for a bit. And here i was, thinking I left Scott Walker and his fey ass back in college; never to be annoyed by him again. WRONG.

Dusty's version makes me want to cry; this one makes me want to drop dead.

This is his ONLY GOOD SONG. And i am using the adj good generously. Like "community service" generously (read: forced).

Monday, May 18, 2009

Spoonie Gee The Big Beat, the sex song with no sex in it

So sorry, NOT the godfather cos i dont like that song.

Anyway. How awesome is this? Once upon a time, little me used to religiously listen to hot 97s old school @ noon w/ Red Alert, and once in a while he'd drop this and well, i'd be one happy little suburban white girl. Mind you this was before the intronets, so at best i could guess who sang it, and/or ask people at stores who would inevitably send me to the fucking wrong record. And so it sat on the mental shelf till this drunken ass Fri am when Red Alert came on (at 3 am no less, thank you Kiss FM) and i was reminded of its greatness.

99 cents later, its all mine. And its got me thinking. Why dont people do songs like this any more? You know what kinda song im hinting at: this is a song about SEX. Notice: not one curse nor mention of a body part! To find a hip hop song about sex that isnt completely filthy (and uh, a total turn off if you wanna go there) is like finding a Seven Sisters grad on the ho stroll. Which in this economy may be slightly easier than normal, but still kinda impossible.

My long and belabored point is that...ok, i dont really have one. Im gonna get to work on that.

PS. Peaches/Kool G/Ghetto Boys are exempt from the above discussion b/c their lyrics are hyperbole and funny as fuck.

Bonus Non Sequitur!
Well a semi non sequitur. Here is another Red Alert "mystery/usually misidentified" song from le old school at noon. Another Man by Barbara Mason. I cant even tell you how many shiteous records are named "another man"; but i can tell you only one f em accuses its subject of "switching more than she does" and stealing her sexy dresses. AND WALKING DOWN MARKET STREET! Oooh! Escandalo!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don Drummond Interestingness

The Curious Case of Don Drummond

File this under WTF.

Murderer? Insane? Victim? There isnt much up that i could find re: the Margarita murder, but this article kinda sums up the weirdness. Someone needs to write a book on those 2.

PS. I personally find the Skatalites boooooring. I even fell asleep on the floor once during a their concert. Swear. They were third up in a line of 4 bands and i needed my rest for the Special Beat. Yes, the Specials and the English Beat.

Oi! Im embarrassed.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Neil Diamond's Hello Again Special 1986

And here I was, thinking Id seen the lowest of the low. NOT SO. This is really truly an awful awful dated piece of trash, albeit a highly entertaining one. As if we needed further proof that everything in the 80s was total crap...

Part One! Of Five! CAN YOU HANDLE IT?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My favorite thing ever, well almost.


Streetwise, I swear!
So many quotables! WHY did it take so long for someone to post this masterpiece? As if JJ wasnt entertaining enough.... praise be.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What The World Needs Now

You know what? I dunno what the world needs now. I know what I need: I gigantic glass of something to erase this atrocity from my brain.

The Damned: Alone Again Or

Its a good thing i have a strong stomach (and perhaps am some kind of cultural masochist) b/c this really REALLY hurts. Im only writing this now to make sure i keep my hands occupied, lest i take a knife and gauge my ears and eyes out. My eyes might present a problem tho (they are rolling all over the place). A truck? Those dancers? My question is, where are the vultures when you need them? This isnt just awful, its serious offal.

And WHY does this crap make me think of THIS?

Ok you tube doesnt have it, but it was the old Personal Jesus video by Depeche Mode. THAT was a good "western themed" video.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why should my facebook friends have all the fun?

Heres a bunch of english sad shit from the 90s i used to like and still kinda do but not really as much (except for lush who i still really like a whole bunch).

Yes, there ARE two Gene songs on there. Remember that band? People really hated them; called em a 2nd rate smiths. NOT MOI. I loved em. Enough to suffer through a date with a moron to see them at the Slimelight. Before you bitch, I was the one with the free tickets; AND I learned a valuable lesson. Dont drink and promise things. Anywasteofaticket, the band was great. One of the best shows I ever saw. Say what you want about the Slimelight (and i can say a lot); it was a decent place to see a show. Plus the cave in the back room where they played the goth music was kinda fun after a few. Who am i kidding, even BEFORE a few.

Monday, March 23, 2009

What began in earnest as a tape for tim...

kinda became something else entirely. Lets call it a cd for tim that wont make me irritated while listening to it. It was supposed to be a girl groups thing but eh, i cant be bound by such rules. Instead its like, steam of consciousness stuff. My stream as inspired by him. Not yours.

Clean Sheetz- Strictly Covers
As best as this podunk memory serves me:

(a) cardigans (carnival)/modettes(white mice) / tribe called quest (check the rhyme & we got the jazz)/ Black Moon (props (shut up tim i like them)/ KRS1 (criminal minded) ....message from the dry cleaning association of america....
(b) madonna (into the groove)/ maybe kano? i forget/ a song from Fantastic Planet (le bracelet)/ Incredible Bongo Band (tom dooley)/Venus Gang (love to fly)/ Knight Rider theme (you bet your ass i "went there).

Chop chop. Ask ask. Etc etc.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Goody Goody Good God UPGRAYEDD!

Sigh. I have been looking for this &@#*&(#@ song (still cant find it btw), but i finally found out who did it. Its listed as GG, but it may or may not be Vince Montana (and/or his sextet). Whatever it is, its hot and i cant find it anywhere. Except on youtube, where it does me NO good.

Made Me Hot When I Found It!

Bonus! Another unfindable one!

72 Alvin Toffler Future Shock Doc!

Part I: Check out those masks! and watch this!

70 something. Much better than the 300+ page book. Watch Orson narrate (and wonder how many gallons of wine he ingested?)

So, was Toffler correct? And, um, how screwed are we huh?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Does anyone remember this piece of crap?

Wow. What once was, in my mind at least, a rather decent highlight of like 90s pop culture has now morphed into FURTHER PROOF that i had ZERO TASTE in highschool/the early part of college.

Donovan Lietch and I forget the other dudes name singing the theme song to "thurstons alley" from High Octane, a show that was once on the tubes but has since been wiped off the face of the earth by some kinda benevolent (malevolent?*) deity.

Ok first: Can i tell you how IN LOVE i was with Donovan L? Naturally he didnt know i existed (although we did breathe the same air on about fifty or so occasions) but i thought he was just fantastic. It started in 93 when i saw his crappy band open up for Blur and Pulp @ the academy, but back then i was a little "damon distracted" so it didnt "kick in" till college. Then when id see him places, Id stand around and gawk like a moron while my foofy boyfriend made fun of me. So this video really hurts me on a personal level. I cant understand how i could ever, EVER, like someone in those glasses. Is that silver lipstick he is wearing?SILVER LIPSTICK? I cant. I just cant. I even taped the premier of Nancy Boy's shitty video on 12o mins on VHS. FACK.

*Second: Damn that part of me that actually wants to see more of this crapfest. I just cant leave well enough alone. I wont be happy until almost everything i thought was "good" in high school/college aside from the stone roses is ruined by the beat down stick of reality. I dont remember it being THAT terrible, but after admitting to the above, im not so sure i "trust" my own opinion on this.

Misty water-colored memories..of the way they were....

BONUS: If you type lyrics for internets use a spellcheck

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good Music Gets a Writeup!

Neat Neat Neat, huh?

Friday, March 13, 2009

What a Song! WHAT A SONG! 50 going for 60...

Well, I never thought id see a day where an AUCTIONEER is in a song! A foreclosure love song! WOW! This WINS. WIN WIN WIN!

Johnny Moore: Sold To the Highest Bidder

"remember, its never a sell a broken home". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Liquid Sky: This Is Why I Have So Few Friends

Cos i make people watch trash like this.

Liquid Sky: BAD MOVIE and, coincidentally, a bad raver store that used to be on Lafayette. I believe they also sold records downstairs that werent really much better than this mess.

The only good part:

The plot of this cinematic master piece of cacka is as follows:
Shes from CT and her vagina vaporizes people she has sex with. She may or may not be an alien. I cant remember and dont really care to. And there you have it! That was easy. Not so easy? Actually watching this piece of trash in its entirety. Without chemical assistance.

NSFW: But can you watch it? Including her soliloquy at around 5:00 in? The one where she yaps about being nice to your agent? Bet you cant. Its pretty terrible. Get ready for an eye roll workout.

Avante tarde fashion.

Monday, March 2, 2009

le best!

le really! le sincere!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Disco D!

JUST when i think Sesame Street couldnt get any cooler.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Same band, same song

Ememba this song? I did. All of the sudden. Flash out of nowhere. Never saw the video. Its really a big technicolor piece of trash isnt it?

Then I remembered wet my whistle. And i looked them up and realized, Lo! they are the same band.
These 2 songs sound exactly the same. EXACTLY. Its no wonder my brain melted them together in some sort of 80s r&b stew. Still semi sad b/c they will always be remembered for no parking on the dancefloor, and that is a really bad song. Nay, a TERRIBLE song. Terrible-er than uh, Colonel Abrams. But its close.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All The Way Live Count: 4

Lets Play: How many times does Positive K tell her he is "all the way live"? And what IS all the way live? How can one (not) be "100% live"?

You know, I really like McLyte. So much so that i will FORGET about that SHITEOUS Cappucino song. really. That was seriously terrible. Bonus too: She aged really well. Like really well.

Ill Save You The Trouble.

Hold Me, by those hot Menudo dudes (when they were hot).

You know you like it. I do.

I spent a good chunk o childhood in Jamaica Queens, and well, Menudo was HUGE there. So huge. I was into it. Menudo on ABC (their variety show on Sat AM?) oh i was INTO IT. This was during my Xuxa period too.

And yet! Despite all this (and a columbian boyfriend for a bunch of years) i never learned much spanish. (note: Xuxa is Brazilian, and is portugese, BUT in Qns they dubbed it en espanol). Wow The power of a pretty face. Yap yap yap and i just dont hear anything. Maybe i need an ugly ass spanish teacher to teach me the language.

PS> Im pretty good at French. You can make your own joke here.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Late Valentines Day

ALL (that is right ALL) of the Turkish Star Wars. With subtitles, even though its cool without them. No its not actually, this movie is really horrible. Take away the repeat shots of that egg and maybe this thing is, um, fifteen minutes?
Try and make sense of the plot, i fucking DARE you.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Theres always room for Jello.

A haiku in honor of side A of this record. A fine record. An A+ record. A cd the crackhead took, so im forced to run it via vinyl if i feel like a listen.



Was this a good trade?
Dance Craze for DK vinyl
Boys are so stupid.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Yeah x 11 or 12

The good war.

Not that you deserve it (does anyone deserve this collection of greatness? I sure dont)...but aw. You are good enough. This took about 6 years to compile and recompile. Worth every minute. All live versions are better than originals. All studio versions? The live one sucked (except for gang of four b/c they never suck).


Mac & Me: That McDonalds Movie

Holy SH&T this is horrible. I am not sure what is worse: the dance off OR the alien rescue. Its quite a Sophie's Choice huh? Take your time deciding- Im gonna go hang myself.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

From the brothers grimm school of childrens storytelling

Tigers eat her at the end. First of course.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Now THIS is a video

Electric Feel by MGMT as performed by the Rock Fire Explosion

OOOH! OOH! How goddamn jealous am I that someone has the means and ability to do something like this! Its like my childhood come to life! As an 80s kid who loved arcades, this crap makes me WILD with happiness. Just the fact that this exists in some place somewhere is enough to make me happy for a couple of hours.

Not sure who is my favorite member of the band: I like unibrow puppet, but he shines more in the Usher video. Im thinking the bird with the random branch growing out of her head takes this one.

The Puppet raps: Usher in the Club.

Shout out to Razzmataz: the arcade in Paramus I think that entertained me so when i was a kid. Crappy singing robots, tons of games and pizza that rivals Austin Texas' "pizza". Notable for introducing me to Dragons Lair, which i still cant play.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ride the Mighty High

Aw. I remember this song. Im kinda sad that I forgot about it, but glad i remembered again. Unfortunately, i cant find that sucker ANYWHERE. So here is Ike and Tina doing it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

She died.

Blossom Dearie: London in the Rain

i belong to a record snob list that prefaced her death with "I know all you know this song...". Did you know? Are you cool for knowing?

I didnt know. In fact, I didnt even know who the hell this person was prior to said email. And while im sad that she died, this song kinda represents how i feel currently re: music and my own musical "journey" (read: the annoying crap i do and disgusting amount of time i spend looking for music i like).

Dont get me wrong, its a good song. Its pretty. I get it. And its old. I get that too. And in my own defense, Im sure i heard it out at the 9s at some point. However, its not thaaaaat good. It has its moments, sure. But it gets a few eye rolls in there from me. Id give it an 8. The only real attachment i have made to it is that i now realize how BAD a rip off st etienne was. DAMN Sarah! SHAME!

Anythatsucks, it seems i have approached what i deem "the second tier": that outer ring of artists on the "b" team. Those with one off songs that werent good enough to rank in the top; side bands (ugh really); one off concept records; prog rock etc. ad nausea. There are enough bands on the B team to spend your life listening to and being disappointed. I quit once before (ugh, the Flying Burrito Brothers) and Im feeling like a'quittin again. Its exhausting! Not to mention the associated snobbery that comes with knowledge of the B team.

ITS THE B TEAM! WHO CARES? Its the equivalent of knowing who the gaffers were in a movie! Ok, maybe that is C list. But STILL! Right? Why not sweat the A- team? I love that team. That was my team. Its a great team. Lets sweat them instead.



BD just god a BIT cooler.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Failing Memory

Im so glad i spent a good hour trying to find this record bc i couldnt remember the name of it. Its not even up on Wiki which is odd. Id think some Mr Fingers nerds (ahem, tap tap) should be all on that.

Beyond the Clouds.

I think its no gigantic secret that I am a HUGE fan of LH, Fingers Inc. These records pretty much made me fall in love with dance music. Except for Washing Machine. I dont like that one. The IT is kinda bad too; but not as bad as Chip E. Yeah those records kinda suck; aside from those sonic peccadilloes they are pretty much a WIN.

Fingers Inc Never No More Lonely

There is a special place in my cold black heart for this song. Its not a great place in it (kinda towards the back and crowded) but a place nonetheless.

Note: there is also a place in my heart for the old Vinylmania, but its got a WAY better spot.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sominex & Sudafed City Songs

Sniff Sniff. Winter. Forced productivity and travel in bad weather. Annoyances, both intellectual and personal. Not a cute combo for yours truly.

And because merely hitting keys seems to be too much trouble for me today, and be/c my itunes seems to really dislike me and love metal/ 125+ bmps here's some crap. With an explanation as to why they are exemplary. As always if you want it, ask for it. The music. Not my cold. Cos trust me, you dont want it.

Grab a tissue....

Tangled up in Blue: Exemplary because I really really hate bob dylan but i really like this song.

CNSY: Exemplary Because: A more thorough review of their catalog (read: the stuff my mom didnt play for me as a kid) is actually kinda sexy. This is a sad song. And its short and to the point which is kinda odd for 60s music.

Ace: Exemplary be/c one of the dudes was in Squeeze and i like them too. Good song about being cheated on.

New Order: Exemplary b/c it was the song they did after that idiot died. And i really like new order.

Bang Bang: Exemplary b/c its a different version of a good song that actually works! I suspect its by Stevie Wonder but your guess is as good as mine on this one.

Bobby Whoever Im Your Puppet: Exemplary b/c: Awww. what a cute song.

Nick Drake: Exemplary b/c: he and leonard cohen can make anyone want to off themselves. This song is so sad and bleak but good anyway. Kinda like Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen.

Baby Huey: Exemplary b/c despite my headache i felt like hearing it.

The Church: Exemplary b/c this was the song they should have included in Donnie Darko, but chose that other one instead. You know, the one that isnt about love at all.

The Smiths: Exemplary B/c; do i really need to go into it? Congrats on a career of making songs for miserables Moz. This includes me, so being earnest. And thats important no?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A decent prog rock band?

And God said unto and ye shall find...a prog rock band that doesnt make you nauseus and tired.

I suspect this band may be halfway decent b/c i found TWO good songs by em with little effort. Only one has a video up tho.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Songs about my haircut

Who knew there were so many decent songs about haircuts?

Hair. As in gimme a head with. Except minds kinda shoulder length and has no bees in it.

God i was raised on this movie/record. Explains a lot.
Black Boys/White Boys B/c everyone i know that hates this movie loves this song. Well, the first part. White boys kinda sucks.

Almost cut my hair: CSNY

The BEST CSNY SONGgod i love this band.

Cut Your Hair: Pavement

Louise Cataldo Hairdresser

Yeah yeah i know. Sorry. I just cant take this song and how good it is.

The Who Cut My Hair. Yeah and a barbarella video for some odd reason.

Goddamnit where is anita pallenberg? Come on.

Absolute Beginners and Absolutely Embarassing

From the shiteous film absolute beginners- the ONLY redeemable part in it.

Yeah yeah i know i know, they were going for the whole "thing". But i saw Quadrophenia already. And i enjoyed it immensely. That Phil Daniels was a cutie and had a good bike. Ugh- but THIS one. This club has low ass standards if they are clapping for THAT shit. Really. That ladypants suit is a HUGE FAIL. That greasy hair is a FAIL. That face and hair is a FAIL. Oh and hes a drunk? Just when you think someone couldn't get less appealing. If given a choice, Id rather make out with a hand fashioned like a pair of lips. Really. Not even if he were drenched in drakaar noir. And i really like that cologne and by proxy, men who wear it. Im serious, im not being funny. I really like it. A lot.

Anyyesitslike6.99andsowhat, this song is infuriatingly difficult to find. I can understand why the MOVIE would be, but not this song.

And the rest of the absolute beginners:
The jam. Ahem, lets be honest. Paul Weller.

Paul Weller recently made the rags in the UK for being a hot mess with his 19 year old backup singer girlfriend in Prague. He seems to have gotten the Ronnie Wood mid life (or in RW's case, geriatric life) crisis. I really stopped being into him after Wild Wood anyway.

Uh oh. This is quickly becoming like Mod 101.

Phil Daniels and his hot bike and cute tie and skinny brown haired face.

Ah, now THATS a bike and a cute boy. Fishtail parkas make me want to barf, but somehow Phil makes it ok. Ooooh did i like him when i was young. And when he sang on Parklife...well, i was one happy little moron with bad taste. But despite the fact that i am completely embarrassed by my one time earnest dedication to all things England, 60s and uh, mortifying in retrospect, Quadrophenia is still cool. Its always gonna be cool. Good record, good movie, good boys, slutty girl and toya wilcox...what isnt to like. Plus, it had such good background music. Baby its you....el watusi...the rhythm of the falling rain...

Aw..Keith Moon. Bucket T. Extra Credit

Monday, January 19, 2009

These Charming Men: The Happy Mondays

You know, of all the cds that were stolen from me by the cruelest crackhead in the universe, (and yes, i assume there are crackheads dispersed throughout the universe), I miss my Happy Mondays cds the most.

Never mind that half of them skipped. It was skippage from massive amounts of use and travel. Ohhhh how i love(d) that band. Ive read all the books about them. I owned all the records (except Yes Please, cos well, we dont "talk" about that record). Ive spent a lifetime regretting my missing their show at Great Adventure. (yes Rev., you can gloat here). I did change shirts in the crowd (rather than lose my spot) at a Black Grape show, so that should show you the kind of dedication i have. Why?

Bc I believe in the power of the fantastic mess. I LOVE fantastic messes. Authentic fantastic mess (cos you cant fake it). And the mondays (well Shaun and Bez) were one fantastic mess. They set the gold standard for it musically. There can never be, and never will be, a more entertaining band. Lyrically, one comes close. Not only that, but Shaun has had THREE successful shots at fame despite his rather colossal messery and screwed them up. Most get one. Shaun got THREE. Bez got three. And Bez really didnt do much of anything besides "be Bez".

Im a simple city boy with simple country tastes...

Yes yes, i liked 24 hours party people, but come ON. What a way to open a record! Its so stupid but so brilliant at the same time.

And when its hot, you start to melt...cos youre not made of gin, youre made of chocolate"

Yes im going by album here. Im also gonna fuck it up cos i cant remember where "Hallejuyah" came in.
Back to WFL. What a great song. This pretty much sealed it. This song put me from "yeah, they are great" to "OHGOODGOD". I had so many fights with the "ladypantlads" over this band, and forged many good friends from my admiration of em. See, Mondays fans are snobs. We understand their greatness as a band, and if you dont, well... you just dont, "know".

Good goodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgooddoubledoublegood.

The "ill have what Shaun's having" song. Never heard this out, but certainly heard it coming home.

"god made it easy on me":

Gods Cop: A song about stealing, sex, cellphones, gold amex and um doing drugs and what happens when you get Oakenfold to produce a record. The song where all the Mondays fans would steal the dancefloor from the London Loves idiots (read; ladypants).

We all learn to box at the midget club...

Again. Really. Good luck to you if you understand what the hell this song is about. "Honey hows your breathing...if it stops for good we'll be leaving".

Four fall in a bed...

Ah, bobs yer uncle. Spent lots of time analyzing what exactly is going on in that bed despite the fact that, whoa boy, if it includes Ryder (any one of them) that is one FUGLY ASS party. Really. Like a "phone me when its over and youve been through decontamination and had some bloodwork" party.

And finally.
Hallejuyah. The boys make a rather reeeeeetarded video and praise ya (and fill ya full of maaaaaaace and junk).

Look! Its Bez! I never got the chance to see Bez. Sigh.

Bonus! Stereo Mcs.

Why is this here? B/c i was gonna put up the Farm and eh, I think groovy train deserves to be left in the past.

PS. If the band Holy Ghost is named after the song by the Mondays I seriously will like, drop dead of excitement.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I got sick of the London street fashion...too many hats.

It almost seems natural to listen to this song in this house. My parents house. My old stompin house. The house i lived in when i did bad things. Oh, dont worry...i still do bad things, except now they arent bad b/c they are judged only by my conscience, and, uh, im pretty lenient.

Who knew this dude was Green Velvet? Who cares actually. I kinda dont.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Modettes and Paint It Black?

What is UP with these post punk bad covers?

Im a fan of the Modettes, and um, b/c i choose to stay one, im not posting that atrocity. But i will post this b/c my copy of it is really really loud and awful. And b/c the Slits SUCK.

White Mice.

Oh and b/c im cleaning....quick disco hits for me to clean to.

What, did you think this site was all about YOU? Lol...only a bit of it. 20%.

Oh and PS if ANYONE has that Disco Energy song in the playlist above, and it DOESNT sound like it was recorded in a tin can, please pass the peas please! normally i wouldnt even post it, but its just so good. So good. TOO GOOD.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Really? Im not sure how to feel about it

Blah blah blah post punk band does cover of Brass Construction's "movin".


Le Originale

I like this song. I used to REALLY like this song. I got over it a long time ago. Im more excited to head this other band's version of it, if i can ever find it.

But back to Brass Construction: Every song on this record pretty much sounds the same as this. Especially "changin times". I remember thinking, DAMN these dudes really phoned it in on that one. How both became singles is beyond me: they are essentially the same song. Red Alert used to close with this on Fridays. It meant "party over".

Which also brings me to my next point!

While the good old SS will remain my playground for bathos, i have a new thang in the works with no words and lots of music.
Lol, none of it made by me, so rest easy. Im concentrating on old things: 1995 is the end date for me. No other rules aside from that i guess. Oh, and no california ska crap, hXc ( NYC or Boston HELLS NO, dischord is a prolly but NO minor threat.) and absolutely NO OASIS and/or any of that awful second wave british crap that came out after 1992. This means, sadly, that metal is totally game. So is yacht rock and the 60s soft rock i love so. And all that yellin i was so fond of in high school.

So be excited! I'd be if i were you.

Monday, January 5, 2009

BWP: Ha hahah

Obv this sh*t is NSFW. Or for hearing people.

Holy SHIAT i forgot about this record.
What a GREAT chorus. These are some CLASSY LADIES! Brilliant!
Ps. My opin? Kotex is the best song. Really. Awful.

And why dont i have that Yo Mtv Raps card? I have a whole slew of em. Doubles of Big Daddy Kane.
Aint i lucky.

Ha, OH well...since i went there....i may as well go here.

Note: playing this for people who arent familiar with Kool G is, well...just the best.

And not to be outdone....