Friday, February 27, 2009

Same band, same song

Ememba this song? I did. All of the sudden. Flash out of nowhere. Never saw the video. Its really a big technicolor piece of trash isnt it?

Then I remembered wet my whistle. And i looked them up and realized, Lo! they are the same band.
These 2 songs sound exactly the same. EXACTLY. Its no wonder my brain melted them together in some sort of 80s r&b stew. Still semi sad b/c they will always be remembered for no parking on the dancefloor, and that is a really bad song. Nay, a TERRIBLE song. Terrible-er than uh, Colonel Abrams. But its close.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All The Way Live Count: 4

Lets Play: How many times does Positive K tell her he is "all the way live"? And what IS all the way live? How can one (not) be "100% live"?

You know, I really like McLyte. So much so that i will FORGET about that SHITEOUS Cappucino song. really. That was seriously terrible. Bonus too: She aged really well. Like really well.

Ill Save You The Trouble.

Hold Me, by those hot Menudo dudes (when they were hot).

You know you like it. I do.

I spent a good chunk o childhood in Jamaica Queens, and well, Menudo was HUGE there. So huge. I was into it. Menudo on ABC (their variety show on Sat AM?) oh i was INTO IT. This was during my Xuxa period too.

And yet! Despite all this (and a columbian boyfriend for a bunch of years) i never learned much spanish. (note: Xuxa is Brazilian, and is portugese, BUT in Qns they dubbed it en espanol). Wow The power of a pretty face. Yap yap yap and i just dont hear anything. Maybe i need an ugly ass spanish teacher to teach me the language.

PS> Im pretty good at French. You can make your own joke here.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Late Valentines Day

ALL (that is right ALL) of the Turkish Star Wars. With subtitles, even though its cool without them. No its not actually, this movie is really horrible. Take away the repeat shots of that egg and maybe this thing is, um, fifteen minutes?
Try and make sense of the plot, i fucking DARE you.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Theres always room for Jello.

A haiku in honor of side A of this record. A fine record. An A+ record. A cd the crackhead took, so im forced to run it via vinyl if i feel like a listen.



Was this a good trade?
Dance Craze for DK vinyl
Boys are so stupid.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Yeah x 11 or 12

The good war.

Not that you deserve it (does anyone deserve this collection of greatness? I sure dont)...but aw. You are good enough. This took about 6 years to compile and recompile. Worth every minute. All live versions are better than originals. All studio versions? The live one sucked (except for gang of four b/c they never suck).


Mac & Me: That McDonalds Movie

Holy SH&T this is horrible. I am not sure what is worse: the dance off OR the alien rescue. Its quite a Sophie's Choice huh? Take your time deciding- Im gonna go hang myself.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

From the brothers grimm school of childrens storytelling

Tigers eat her at the end. First of course.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Now THIS is a video

Electric Feel by MGMT as performed by the Rock Fire Explosion

OOOH! OOH! How goddamn jealous am I that someone has the means and ability to do something like this! Its like my childhood come to life! As an 80s kid who loved arcades, this crap makes me WILD with happiness. Just the fact that this exists in some place somewhere is enough to make me happy for a couple of hours.

Not sure who is my favorite member of the band: I like unibrow puppet, but he shines more in the Usher video. Im thinking the bird with the random branch growing out of her head takes this one.

The Puppet raps: Usher in the Club.

Shout out to Razzmataz: the arcade in Paramus I think that entertained me so when i was a kid. Crappy singing robots, tons of games and pizza that rivals Austin Texas' "pizza". Notable for introducing me to Dragons Lair, which i still cant play.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ride the Mighty High

Aw. I remember this song. Im kinda sad that I forgot about it, but glad i remembered again. Unfortunately, i cant find that sucker ANYWHERE. So here is Ike and Tina doing it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

She died.

Blossom Dearie: London in the Rain

i belong to a record snob list that prefaced her death with "I know all you know this song...". Did you know? Are you cool for knowing?

I didnt know. In fact, I didnt even know who the hell this person was prior to said email. And while im sad that she died, this song kinda represents how i feel currently re: music and my own musical "journey" (read: the annoying crap i do and disgusting amount of time i spend looking for music i like).

Dont get me wrong, its a good song. Its pretty. I get it. And its old. I get that too. And in my own defense, Im sure i heard it out at the 9s at some point. However, its not thaaaaat good. It has its moments, sure. But it gets a few eye rolls in there from me. Id give it an 8. The only real attachment i have made to it is that i now realize how BAD a rip off st etienne was. DAMN Sarah! SHAME!

Anythatsucks, it seems i have approached what i deem "the second tier": that outer ring of artists on the "b" team. Those with one off songs that werent good enough to rank in the top; side bands (ugh really); one off concept records; prog rock etc. ad nausea. There are enough bands on the B team to spend your life listening to and being disappointed. I quit once before (ugh, the Flying Burrito Brothers) and Im feeling like a'quittin again. Its exhausting! Not to mention the associated snobbery that comes with knowledge of the B team.

ITS THE B TEAM! WHO CARES? Its the equivalent of knowing who the gaffers were in a movie! Ok, maybe that is C list. But STILL! Right? Why not sweat the A- team? I love that team. That was my team. Its a great team. Lets sweat them instead.



BD just god a BIT cooler.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Failing Memory

Im so glad i spent a good hour trying to find this record bc i couldnt remember the name of it. Its not even up on Wiki which is odd. Id think some Mr Fingers nerds (ahem, tap tap) should be all on that.

Beyond the Clouds.

I think its no gigantic secret that I am a HUGE fan of LH, Fingers Inc. These records pretty much made me fall in love with dance music. Except for Washing Machine. I dont like that one. The IT is kinda bad too; but not as bad as Chip E. Yeah those records kinda suck; aside from those sonic peccadilloes they are pretty much a WIN.

Fingers Inc Never No More Lonely

There is a special place in my cold black heart for this song. Its not a great place in it (kinda towards the back and crowded) but a place nonetheless.

Note: there is also a place in my heart for the old Vinylmania, but its got a WAY better spot.