Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008: Awful Sh*t on the Internet

Im reminded of that scene in the Simpsons where Comic Book Guy is gonna be hit by a missile and realizes that he spent his life reading comic books....and gloats "LIFE WELL SPENT"!

Over and Over: From (maybe) Chic a go go

I SCOURED my email and myspace acct trying desperately to find this again. Im so glad its up. This video alone could make my entire year.

Ace Hits the Big Time The Dance Fight

You know, this was by FAR the most popular piece of crap i introduced everyone to this year. It still gives me the giggles; the homoeroticism, the may never ever get old.

Speaking of OLD! (and possibly decaying as they are playing!)

The Hal Green Trio: From Stairway to Stardom

There was steep competition in the STWY to STNDM category. This fine fine show produced a WHOLE SLEW of awful awful awful crap that is supposed to pass for music. My favorite is Hal Green bc/ everyone seems like they are falling asleep as they play. And hes so off key. And b/c the song is pretty retarded. Actually, I wouldnt be surprised if they are all playing different songs- each awful in their own special way, and combined make up some sort of "super awful".

More Stairway to Stardom HERE! GO GO GO!

Even MORE S2S and, AND Bye Bye Life (appropriate after watching S2S clips)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Disco Date!

Sorry for the big ol bummer photo. I just automatically think of this awning when i hear this music.

Anydepressed, here is some good old house music for an icy snowy monday with only 2 days to go till xmas and no more days to go till hanukah!

MAW; Hardrive; ORS; kings of tomorrow, etc etc....oh and grace jones.

Some trivia too: Shari Vari is actually named after the store Charivari in NYC. I dont think it exists anymore, but my uncle used to take me there when i was a kid b/c he could afford things there and it was near this robot store he'd take me to. My uncle would preen and prep to go shopping at CHV- like a show pony (does my hat look ok? is this tie on straight?). I remember being disgusted at how much the clothing cost. Lots of heavy lines and like embroidered jackets with shoulder pads, and no robots for me. They did have a nice leather couch tho.

Well, the song SHV is Detroit's musings about the clientelle of that store; American Gigolo etc. and all his fancy clothes (yes, the movie and the people). Apparently AG was quite an influence on the detroit scene- something i didnt know until i read it yesterday in an old book.

Heres the reality (and wasnt in the book): the vast majority of the CHVs male clientelle was gay. I'd say close to 100%. Even as an 11 year old i knew that. It was really really obvious. Like Barneys Co Op obvious.

Guess no one told detroit.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Sunday

Whats Lance Conklin got to do with it? Nothing. Just a great ad.

John Wilson: Fine Art Films PART 2

Another oops on my part.

Hey! Its me! Kinda sorta ish. Why do all the bitches ALWAYS have brown hair? Veronica. Lucy. Rizzo. Cant they make a blonde bitch once in a while? (and no, sandy does NOT count).

Allow me to gush for a moment. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the opening credits from Grease. The rest is a'ight (im a sucker for Alan Carr musicals) but damn i love that song and the opening almost more than coffee. I mean, its a song, written by a Bee Gee, sung by Frankie Valli, in an Allan Carr movie, set to 70s animation. I ask you, what is NOT to love? Did I mention that Grease's success (read: cash) was directly responsible for Cant Stop the Music? Yes, both of these magical films were the brainchild of the same wonderful person who presumably, never worked again! Circle of Life

But wait! There's more!

Today i found out that John Wilson of Fine Art Films is responsible for the opening animation. The same John Wilson who did the Angie Baby video i am so goddamn fond of. The same John Wilson who is an amazing animator and whose various music videos you can find either here or on you tube.

I wonder if im dying! This is a lot of circular experience hitting me as of late.

Oh and JW also did the opening credits to the Midnight Special.

Here's Lou Rawls on that show. I also really like this song and this is a really good version of it. You'll never find... a better version of this song....

Friday, December 19, 2008


So naturally its 70s music day. Not 70s disco. Like, 70s swiss chalet style romance...girls smelling of charlie...fake fur rugs and tin foil patterned wallpaper...sunken livingrooms with fireplaces...and great balls of comfort.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Underdog Day

Technically, this "non holiday" is tomorrow. But i want to get on it early before the rush.

If you can make the connection btwn the photo and the title, well you deserve something.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Songs From Sam's Basement

AKA songs from the best period of skateboarding ever. In fact, Ill wager that skate videos were the only good thing about the mid 90s. Each song makes me feel old, which is kinda fun, b/c they are all old songs. Plan B and World Industries are responsible for many a missing record from mom's cabinet.

Lol some kids steal their parents liquor. This nerd stole their records.

Its gross out and im homebound so this is by no means finished. I need to find a copy of master of puppets. Lol something i thought ID NEVER EVER SAY and am slightly embarrassed for having said it.

A big, um, something to you if you can remember which video LGB was in. I cant for the life of me. I know it was in the beginning of it. It may have been a snowboarding video. And if it is, chances are its Whiskey. Cos that really is the only SB video i got into.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Fridays Child Deleted Her Post

Blah blah DJ Red Alerts Old School at Noon, school in Brooklyn so i enjoy freestyle blah blah blah

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tuesdays Child is an Idiot

Whoops! How very Neil of me. Yes, i know the vid shows Rik. He's also an idiot. So it works.

Oh and eat it re: DK record. Im going to die clutching that record. Im pissed i cut off "rick wakeman eat your heart out".

I just have to say that Pull My Strings may just be one of my top ten favorite songs. There's always room on my playlist for Jello. (well, actually east bay ray, but lets get into that some other time).

Note: how funny is it that Viv crosses out all the stuff on the blackboard and writes HAWKWIND on it?

Bonus: Rik as the Peoples Poet!

Thursdays Child is Full of Angst

Ha, not really. I guess i was in high school tho. Could be worse. I could have been one of those Ayn Rand readers.

Damn i want this live version.

Experience Staten Island Sub Culture High School.

Bonus. Darker My Love. From the Oscar Winning Film Suburbia. Starring Flea from RCHP
RIP Palmer video and their awful (fantastic) selection of movies.

Bonus? That scene in suburbia with DI and the chick in the pink dress who gets it ripped off by the skinhead.

Note: How RUDE. In my SALAD DAYS I went to many punk shows, and have had various incidents (being hit in the head with scaffolding of some sort during a really horrible hXc band, a broken nose from being too close to the mosh pit, ancillary involvement in girl fights (and boy fights too), disgusting bathrooms, holding back people's hair while they puked, various disgusting vegan food, a cockroach in my drink, ruined shoes, meeting Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant etc). but i never saw anything even remotely like this. Much less from a skinhead. Puhlease. Those kids were too busy drinking english LAGER (ugh), discussing the ugliness of the chelsea haircut (it is ugly) and whining about how "no one understands the difference between SHARPS and RedSkins and whatever other sub skin genre their shoelaces evidenced to rip off girls dresses with that sort of bravado.

Lol, cos I totally wished they would have. The humiliation of public nudity pails in comparison to the beat down you got from the skinhead girls if god forbid you hooked up with an Oi boy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Disco Wednesday

Im getting into this playlist thing. Uploading files are crackhead safe and therefore, always be there for me to peruse. And speaking as a gal who lost close to 200 cds when a crackhead broke into her car and took her booklets, that is important to me.

Ill be posting crap all day you lucky lucky person. You know the drill. Etc Etc.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Monday

Check this out. How HOT is Mike Damone.

Oh yeah and TV tells me that its "that season".
Here's some crap. U should know the drill. If you dont, then get on that immediately.

And i didnt put up Levert's Cassanova although i really really wanted to.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Ouch, i should have known this. If only b/c its included in my 2 favorite favorite films ever.

From Wikipedia:

D.C. LaRue (born David Charles L'Heureux on April 26, 1948 in Meriden, Connecticut, U.S.A.) was a Disco artist His music was successful in dance/disco clubs and on dance music charts worldwide during the late 70s and early 80s.

His first big hit happened in 1976 and was titled "Cathedrals". With its release on Pyramid Records D.C. proved he could write, sing, produce and perform like a true veteran. LaRue's 1976 "Cathedrals" 12" 45 RPM caused an immediate sensation in the disco/dance clubs through out the world. D.C. was the first white male to ever hold the #1 R&B/Soul chart position in England. "Cathedrals" was the first commercially available 12" disco single in the USA and the only 12" single to be charted on Billboard Magazine's Top 100 Singles chart before or since.

In less than a year he began work on his second album "The Tea Dance." The 1976 recording featured such notable background singers as Lani Groves and Sharon Redd. It also included a duet with legendary 1960's rock/pop icon Lou Christie. The stand out cuts included the 12" of "Face Of Love," "Overture" and "Don't Keep It In The Shadows." The album presented itself was a concept capturing the essence and feel of a Broadway show. LaRue's "Cathedrals" album sold over 100,000 copies in its first three weeks of release but "The Tea Dance" more than doubled that sales figure and over the course of its life and became a bigger hit.

About the extended break on the 12" re-mix of "Indiscreet" from "The Tea Dance" rapper Grandmaster Flash is quoted as saying "It was first Hip Hop break I heard...the start of all the Hip Hop and Rap to come!"

LaRue's movie debut was a cameo in the Bee Gee's Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. D.C. also appeared in the Village People film "Can't Stop The Music." (1980)

OUCH. I was just discussing in the drive thru of Dinko Ds that CSTM is probably, the most emotionally significant cultural um, "product" Ive come across in the past 7 years. I remember it like it was yesterday....watching Industrial TV at like 2 am and seeing the trailer for this movie. I cant even count how many times Ive seen it. I want to be cremated with my copy of it. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) someone has a real problem with posting clips from this MASTERPIECE on the toob.

And the award goes to....

What i did find:

The Ritchie Family so brilliantly disco discussing the glass ceiling

This is from the big party scene at the end of the movie, where the hetero village people go to San Fran. You know to play a gig to their screaming female friends. I read that filming this scene presented Nancy Walker (yes, the bounty lady directed this movie) with a problem: the producers or whoever littered SF with posters to see the band, and of course, only fabulous queens showed up. And this was a problem b/c they had to film the movie and well, screaming queens doesnt really "play in peoria". So these people paid to get in, and they just reshot "normal" person after "normal" person and mushed it all together to make it look like the crowd was larger, and more hetero than it was.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Im Nicety

Im so glad that this song is as stupid as i remember it being. In this ever changing world, Its the consistency in memory is soothing.
Oh and the first like stanza, makes NO FUCKING SENSE. Still. After ten or so years of analyzing it it makes NO sense.

Bonus Rap Bathos!!!!

He was always my favorite. Still prolly is. Oh and check his beeper. Classic Cool. 100% Grade a beef bitch (call me!)!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just B/c

A holiday greeting from my cranky looking praying mantis. I thought the sparkles looked all festive. She's a very nice creature unless you are another insect and then she is completely nightmarish. She likes to sit on my head and make these weird noises. When she isnt sitting on my head, shes usually hanging upside down on the bamboo plant next to her cage. She also loves the heat emitting pipe in my dining room and is determined to make love to it or something.

Cant you just feel Wasabi's contempt? Thats HIS secret heat source in our home. And he was told he has to share it with his sister. Times are tough!

Soundtrack to my root canal

Let my pain be a lesson to you reader: put off tooth pain as long as you can, and you will spend 2.5 hours in an endodontist's office, with sweet air, 14 (yes, 14 i counted) shots of novocaine and a 2 hour shot of 'two for tuesday' on some classic rock station.

This song will, forever more, remind me of sweet air. They had the hose on full blast when this came on. Almost made the intense pain tolerable, but not really. I did get into it tho. Headphones and sweet air and this song made total sense to me.

Now it just really hurts when i smile.

Bonus! I love this movie. I wanted to find the scene in the theater. You know which one. No, not the one in the shower. Ugh, that shower scene was the worst. Used to have to watch it with my parents. Uncomfortable.

I love these two dudes anyway. David Naughton and Griffin Dunn? Oh both of them are just fine. FINE FINE FINE. Id take either, but im sorta leaning towards david naughton b/c hes a pepper! Ah. David Naughton. David Naughton from Makin it. And from the drunk off the wagon seinfeld episode. Daaaaavid Naughton.

He's MAKIN IT! He's HOT! Not anymore of course. Now the only thing hes Makin is me nauseus and sad.

Where was I?

Oh yeah. The dialog is awesome too. Talking to corpses is boring? WIN!

Tottenham Road Train Station: Scary even w/o werewolves.

Ugh i mean, its like England

And...The scene. NSFW obviously.

Dayum, how HOT is David Naughton in this movie? He has such puuuurty brown eyes. And i like his whole "puffy vest and collared shirt" look. His hair is kinda curly fug, but you see his ass in the transformation scene, so its ok. Its my desktop now thanks to the wonder of "grab".

Lol, insert "brown eye/ass" joke here. Grab ass joke would work too.