Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why should my facebook friends have all the fun?

Heres a bunch of english sad shit from the 90s i used to like and still kinda do but not really as much (except for lush who i still really like a whole bunch).

Yes, there ARE two Gene songs on there. Remember that band? People really hated them; called em a 2nd rate smiths. NOT MOI. I loved em. Enough to suffer through a date with a moron to see them at the Slimelight. Before you bitch, I was the one with the free tickets; AND I learned a valuable lesson. Dont drink and promise things. Anywasteofaticket, the band was great. One of the best shows I ever saw. Say what you want about the Slimelight (and i can say a lot); it was a decent place to see a show. Plus the cave in the back room where they played the goth music was kinda fun after a few. Who am i kidding, even BEFORE a few.

Monday, March 23, 2009

What began in earnest as a tape for tim...

kinda became something else entirely. Lets call it a cd for tim that wont make me irritated while listening to it. It was supposed to be a girl groups thing but eh, i cant be bound by such rules. Instead its like, steam of consciousness stuff. My stream as inspired by him. Not yours.

Clean Sheetz- Strictly Covers
As best as this podunk memory serves me:

(a) cardigans (carnival)/modettes(white mice) / tribe called quest (check the rhyme & we got the jazz)/ Black Moon (props (shut up tim i like them)/ KRS1 (criminal minded) ....message from the dry cleaning association of america....
(b) madonna (into the groove)/ maybe kano? i forget/ a song from Fantastic Planet (le bracelet)/ Incredible Bongo Band (tom dooley)/Venus Gang (love to fly)/ Knight Rider theme (you bet your ass i "went there).

Chop chop. Ask ask. Etc etc.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Goody Goody Good God UPGRAYEDD!

Sigh. I have been looking for this &@#*&(#@ song (still cant find it btw), but i finally found out who did it. Its listed as GG, but it may or may not be Vince Montana (and/or his sextet). Whatever it is, its hot and i cant find it anywhere. Except on youtube, where it does me NO good.

Made Me Hot When I Found It!

Bonus! Another unfindable one!

72 Alvin Toffler Future Shock Doc!

Part I: Check out those masks! and watch this!

70 something. Much better than the 300+ page book. Watch Orson narrate (and wonder how many gallons of wine he ingested?)

So, was Toffler correct? And, um, how screwed are we huh?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Does anyone remember this piece of crap?

Wow. What once was, in my mind at least, a rather decent highlight of like 90s pop culture has now morphed into FURTHER PROOF that i had ZERO TASTE in highschool/the early part of college.

Donovan Lietch and I forget the other dudes name singing the theme song to "thurstons alley" from High Octane, a show that was once on the tubes but has since been wiped off the face of the earth by some kinda benevolent (malevolent?*) deity.

Ok first: Can i tell you how IN LOVE i was with Donovan L? Naturally he didnt know i existed (although we did breathe the same air on about fifty or so occasions) but i thought he was just fantastic. It started in 93 when i saw his crappy band open up for Blur and Pulp @ the academy, but back then i was a little "damon distracted" so it didnt "kick in" till college. Then when id see him places, Id stand around and gawk like a moron while my foofy boyfriend made fun of me. So this video really hurts me on a personal level. I cant understand how i could ever, EVER, like someone in those glasses. Is that silver lipstick he is wearing?SILVER LIPSTICK? I cant. I just cant. I even taped the premier of Nancy Boy's shitty video on 12o mins on VHS. FACK.

*Second: Damn that part of me that actually wants to see more of this crapfest. I just cant leave well enough alone. I wont be happy until almost everything i thought was "good" in high school/college aside from the stone roses is ruined by the beat down stick of reality. I dont remember it being THAT terrible, but after admitting to the above, im not so sure i "trust" my own opinion on this.

Misty water-colored memories..of the way they were....

BONUS: If you type lyrics for internets use a spellcheck

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good Music Gets a Writeup!

Neat Neat Neat, huh?

Friday, March 13, 2009

What a Song! WHAT A SONG! 50 going for 60...

Well, I never thought id see a day where an AUCTIONEER is in a song! A foreclosure love song! WOW! This WINS. WIN WIN WIN!

Johnny Moore: Sold To the Highest Bidder

"remember, its never a sell a broken home". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Liquid Sky: This Is Why I Have So Few Friends

Cos i make people watch trash like this.

Liquid Sky: BAD MOVIE and, coincidentally, a bad raver store that used to be on Lafayette. I believe they also sold records downstairs that werent really much better than this mess.

The only good part:

The plot of this cinematic master piece of cacka is as follows:
Shes from CT and her vagina vaporizes people she has sex with. She may or may not be an alien. I cant remember and dont really care to. And there you have it! That was easy. Not so easy? Actually watching this piece of trash in its entirety. Without chemical assistance.

NSFW: But can you watch it? Including her soliloquy at around 5:00 in? The one where she yaps about being nice to your agent? Bet you cant. Its pretty terrible. Get ready for an eye roll workout.

Avante tarde fashion.

Monday, March 2, 2009

le best!

le really! le sincere!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Disco D!

JUST when i think Sesame Street couldnt get any cooler.