Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sominex & Sudafed City Songs

Sniff Sniff. Winter. Forced productivity and travel in bad weather. Annoyances, both intellectual and personal. Not a cute combo for yours truly.

And because merely hitting keys seems to be too much trouble for me today, and be/c my itunes seems to really dislike me and love metal/ 125+ bmps here's some crap. With an explanation as to why they are exemplary. As always if you want it, ask for it. The music. Not my cold. Cos trust me, you dont want it.

Grab a tissue....

Tangled up in Blue: Exemplary because I really really hate bob dylan but i really like this song.

CNSY: Exemplary Because: A more thorough review of their catalog (read: the stuff my mom didnt play for me as a kid) is actually kinda sexy. This is a sad song. And its short and to the point which is kinda odd for 60s music.

Ace: Exemplary be/c one of the dudes was in Squeeze and i like them too. Good song about being cheated on.

New Order: Exemplary b/c it was the song they did after that idiot died. And i really like new order.

Bang Bang: Exemplary b/c its a different version of a good song that actually works! I suspect its by Stevie Wonder but your guess is as good as mine on this one.

Bobby Whoever Im Your Puppet: Exemplary b/c: Awww. what a cute song.

Nick Drake: Exemplary b/c: he and leonard cohen can make anyone want to off themselves. This song is so sad and bleak but good anyway. Kinda like Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen.

Baby Huey: Exemplary b/c despite my headache i felt like hearing it.

The Church: Exemplary b/c this was the song they should have included in Donnie Darko, but chose that other one instead. You know, the one that isnt about love at all.

The Smiths: Exemplary B/c; do i really need to go into it? Congrats on a career of making songs for miserables Moz. This includes me, so being earnest. And thats important no?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A decent prog rock band?

And God said unto and ye shall find...a prog rock band that doesnt make you nauseus and tired.

I suspect this band may be halfway decent b/c i found TWO good songs by em with little effort. Only one has a video up tho.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Songs about my haircut

Who knew there were so many decent songs about haircuts?

Hair. As in gimme a head with. Except minds kinda shoulder length and has no bees in it.

God i was raised on this movie/record. Explains a lot.
Black Boys/White Boys B/c everyone i know that hates this movie loves this song. Well, the first part. White boys kinda sucks.

Almost cut my hair: CSNY

The BEST CSNY SONGgod i love this band.

Cut Your Hair: Pavement

Louise Cataldo Hairdresser

Yeah yeah i know. Sorry. I just cant take this song and how good it is.

The Who Cut My Hair. Yeah and a barbarella video for some odd reason.

Goddamnit where is anita pallenberg? Come on.

Absolute Beginners and Absolutely Embarassing

From the shiteous film absolute beginners- the ONLY redeemable part in it.

Yeah yeah i know i know, they were going for the whole "thing". But i saw Quadrophenia already. And i enjoyed it immensely. That Phil Daniels was a cutie and had a good bike. Ugh- but THIS one. This club has low ass standards if they are clapping for THAT shit. Really. That ladypants suit is a HUGE FAIL. That greasy hair is a FAIL. That face and hair is a FAIL. Oh and hes a drunk? Just when you think someone couldn't get less appealing. If given a choice, Id rather make out with a hand fashioned like a pair of lips. Really. Not even if he were drenched in drakaar noir. And i really like that cologne and by proxy, men who wear it. Im serious, im not being funny. I really like it. A lot.

Anyyesitslike6.99andsowhat, this song is infuriatingly difficult to find. I can understand why the MOVIE would be, but not this song.

And the rest of the absolute beginners:
The jam. Ahem, lets be honest. Paul Weller.

Paul Weller recently made the rags in the UK for being a hot mess with his 19 year old backup singer girlfriend in Prague. He seems to have gotten the Ronnie Wood mid life (or in RW's case, geriatric life) crisis. I really stopped being into him after Wild Wood anyway.

Uh oh. This is quickly becoming like Mod 101.

Phil Daniels and his hot bike and cute tie and skinny brown haired face.

Ah, now THATS a bike and a cute boy. Fishtail parkas make me want to barf, but somehow Phil makes it ok. Ooooh did i like him when i was young. And when he sang on Parklife...well, i was one happy little moron with bad taste. But despite the fact that i am completely embarrassed by my one time earnest dedication to all things England, 60s and uh, mortifying in retrospect, Quadrophenia is still cool. Its always gonna be cool. Good record, good movie, good boys, slutty girl and toya wilcox...what isnt to like. Plus, it had such good background music. Baby its you....el watusi...the rhythm of the falling rain...

Aw..Keith Moon. Bucket T. Extra Credit

Monday, January 19, 2009

These Charming Men: The Happy Mondays

You know, of all the cds that were stolen from me by the cruelest crackhead in the universe, (and yes, i assume there are crackheads dispersed throughout the universe), I miss my Happy Mondays cds the most.

Never mind that half of them skipped. It was skippage from massive amounts of use and travel. Ohhhh how i love(d) that band. Ive read all the books about them. I owned all the records (except Yes Please, cos well, we dont "talk" about that record). Ive spent a lifetime regretting my missing their show at Great Adventure. (yes Rev., you can gloat here). I did change shirts in the crowd (rather than lose my spot) at a Black Grape show, so that should show you the kind of dedication i have. Why?

Bc I believe in the power of the fantastic mess. I LOVE fantastic messes. Authentic fantastic mess (cos you cant fake it). And the mondays (well Shaun and Bez) were one fantastic mess. They set the gold standard for it musically. There can never be, and never will be, a more entertaining band. Lyrically, one comes close. Not only that, but Shaun has had THREE successful shots at fame despite his rather colossal messery and screwed them up. Most get one. Shaun got THREE. Bez got three. And Bez really didnt do much of anything besides "be Bez".

Im a simple city boy with simple country tastes...

Yes yes, i liked 24 hours party people, but come ON. What a way to open a record! Its so stupid but so brilliant at the same time.

And when its hot, you start to melt...cos youre not made of gin, youre made of chocolate"

Yes im going by album here. Im also gonna fuck it up cos i cant remember where "Hallejuyah" came in.
Back to WFL. What a great song. This pretty much sealed it. This song put me from "yeah, they are great" to "OHGOODGOD". I had so many fights with the "ladypantlads" over this band, and forged many good friends from my admiration of em. See, Mondays fans are snobs. We understand their greatness as a band, and if you dont, well... you just dont, "know".

Good goodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgooddoubledoublegood.

The "ill have what Shaun's having" song. Never heard this out, but certainly heard it coming home.

"god made it easy on me":

Gods Cop: A song about stealing, sex, cellphones, gold amex and um doing drugs and what happens when you get Oakenfold to produce a record. The song where all the Mondays fans would steal the dancefloor from the London Loves idiots (read; ladypants).

We all learn to box at the midget club...

Again. Really. Good luck to you if you understand what the hell this song is about. "Honey hows your breathing...if it stops for good we'll be leaving".

Four fall in a bed...

Ah, bobs yer uncle. Spent lots of time analyzing what exactly is going on in that bed despite the fact that, whoa boy, if it includes Ryder (any one of them) that is one FUGLY ASS party. Really. Like a "phone me when its over and youve been through decontamination and had some bloodwork" party.

And finally.
Hallejuyah. The boys make a rather reeeeeetarded video and praise ya (and fill ya full of maaaaaaace and junk).

Look! Its Bez! I never got the chance to see Bez. Sigh.

Bonus! Stereo Mcs.

Why is this here? B/c i was gonna put up the Farm and eh, I think groovy train deserves to be left in the past.

PS. If the band Holy Ghost is named after the song by the Mondays I seriously will like, drop dead of excitement.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I got sick of the London street fashion...too many hats.

It almost seems natural to listen to this song in this house. My parents house. My old stompin house. The house i lived in when i did bad things. Oh, dont worry...i still do bad things, except now they arent bad b/c they are judged only by my conscience, and, uh, im pretty lenient.

Who knew this dude was Green Velvet? Who cares actually. I kinda dont.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Modettes and Paint It Black?

What is UP with these post punk bad covers?

Im a fan of the Modettes, and um, b/c i choose to stay one, im not posting that atrocity. But i will post this b/c my copy of it is really really loud and awful. And b/c the Slits SUCK.

White Mice.

Oh and b/c im cleaning....quick disco hits for me to clean to.

What, did you think this site was all about YOU? Lol...only a bit of it. 20%.

Oh and PS if ANYONE has that Disco Energy song in the playlist above, and it DOESNT sound like it was recorded in a tin can, please pass the peas please! normally i wouldnt even post it, but its just so good. So good. TOO GOOD.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Really? Im not sure how to feel about it

Blah blah blah post punk band does cover of Brass Construction's "movin".


Le Originale

I like this song. I used to REALLY like this song. I got over it a long time ago. Im more excited to head this other band's version of it, if i can ever find it.

But back to Brass Construction: Every song on this record pretty much sounds the same as this. Especially "changin times". I remember thinking, DAMN these dudes really phoned it in on that one. How both became singles is beyond me: they are essentially the same song. Red Alert used to close with this on Fridays. It meant "party over".

Which also brings me to my next point!

While the good old SS will remain my playground for bathos, i have a new thang in the works with no words and lots of music.
Lol, none of it made by me, so rest easy. Im concentrating on old things: 1995 is the end date for me. No other rules aside from that i guess. Oh, and no california ska crap, hXc ( NYC or Boston HELLS NO, dischord is a prolly but NO minor threat.) and absolutely NO OASIS and/or any of that awful second wave british crap that came out after 1992. This means, sadly, that metal is totally game. So is yacht rock and the 60s soft rock i love so. And all that yellin i was so fond of in high school.

So be excited! I'd be if i were you.

Monday, January 5, 2009

BWP: Ha hahah

Obv this sh*t is NSFW. Or for hearing people.

Holy SHIAT i forgot about this record.
What a GREAT chorus. These are some CLASSY LADIES! Brilliant!
Ps. My opin? Kotex is the best song. Really. Awful.

And why dont i have that Yo Mtv Raps card? I have a whole slew of em. Doubles of Big Daddy Kane.
Aint i lucky.

Ha, OH well...since i went there....i may as well go here.

Note: playing this for people who arent familiar with Kool G is, well...just the best.

And not to be outdone....