Monday, March 31, 2008

Ok Ill quit picking on Canada.

I guess I should start on Australia.

Unlike Canada, whose disco drek etc. is entertaining, Australia presents me with a problem. A problem I believe is best represented by the Little River Band and their song "reminiscing" and by the general um, existence, of their local homeboy done all the toughies in Australia proud, Leigh Bowery.

Exhibit 1: The Little River Band. Reminiscing

Exhibit 2: Leigh Bowery

The problem here, is inconsistency.

Australia, and by extension, their music, runs the gamut between the truly truly amazing, to the truly truly awful. But not even like, ha ha Canada awful. Just awful. Take reminiscing for example. Parts of this song are absolutely horrendous. Starts out bad, gets decent, gets good and then gets all terrible again, heightening the disappointment. Like that time at coney island when i almost got decapitated by a phone line on this ill placed ride. I assumed the ride wasnt gonna be a big deal, got on and it was flying all over the place, was LOVING it, and then almost died on it. It was the worst kind of bummer.

Same with Leigh Bowery. Some of his schtick was real good- like real real good; then we have raw sewage and minty and ugh... Ill spare everyone the pain of minty. Not that Raw Sewage was much better. In fact, they stunk too. We also have his concentration camp stunt, the marrying the woman at the last minute despite being clearly and openly gay for so long (how very elton john of him).. I could go on. But i wont.

Because i believe my point is clear. Get consistent Australia! Either produce quality or don't. Because you can only hold on to ACDC for so long. One good band does not a continent make!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Canada's answer to the Village People

Ah the 1970s. A time where the artistic showpiece of the worlds most exclusive and biggest nightclub was giant moon man with an equally gigantic coke spoon up his nose. A time where spandex was acceptable for women, and occasionally, for men if worn as a top. A time where people had shampoos called "Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific" and drove "Le Cars".
And apparently a time where a band would name themselves the Skatt brothers, and be somewhat successful.

the Skatt Brothers: I walk the night

This is some seriously hot stuff, right? Well, the instrumental at least. The lyrics, well... that rod beneath his coat line is a real kick no? Hot dog! We have a wiener... but wait.

Watch THIS.

The Bros at the Outpost. (or, Give your love to a cowboy man).
This video and song just about negates everything decent they ever did. (See above).

Im confused here. And this may just be the most awful thing ive ever seen. I know i say this a lot. But i really mean it this time. I know that the Village People were "supposed" to be straight (at least in Cant Stop the Music they were). Are these guys supposed to be straight too? Everything i know is WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG!

Chilly: For Your Love: The remake i want to hate but cant

It breaks every rule. My leave good songs alone rule. My beliefs on genre crossing. It offends just about everything i hold dear.

However, i cant hate it. I really want to hate it. I certainly hate the chorus. But that beginning and the break. Its good. And that dude looks like Lamaar.

And yes, i know it sounds a lot like Lime. And, i happen to like THIS lime song. But what do you expect, i was raised and schooled in Bay Ridge. I think it may be in my blood (see Silent Morning).

Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight: By Lime

And of course I love me some teena marie. This song especially. This was her best song. My husband hates her.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Classic Sesame Street Animation

This show just gets better the older I get.

ten bakers

ten cars

And LAST but by NO MEANS least...

Andromeda Space Rockers

That craazy band from that crazy Buck Rogers episode named above.

Im a BSG gal m'self, but Ill give crappy credit where crappy credit is due That looks like one helluva party.

But we all know what was the superior tv show.

Did i die?


Who knew that a simple query for "Pac Man Fever" would produce this? Behold! STARCADE! A show (game) about videogames! EEEEEEEH!!!!! The hair! The outfits! The VIDEO GAMES!!!! Look at that set!

Starcade: DRAGONS LAIR!!!! EEEEEH!!!

I was, one of those people who never got past the first few screens. I could have paid for a semester of college with the money i pumped into this game. It was like a comic book come to life. And for those who think what he did was "no big deal" i DARE you to try and get past the first screen on this game.

Part II of the episode where the gaming gets hot.

Part III: featuring Space Ace..a less exciting game.


shhhh. I HATE this band. Truly. Geddy Lee's fugly face and fugly fugliness makes me want to wretch. Tom Sawyer is a terrible song. Every male who liked Rush was automatically gross in my high school head, and i admit to still carrying on said prejudice TO THIS DAY.

But, my dirty little secret is, ugggggh, i love this song. I really love the video. Minus the shots of fugface. And it always makes me think of classic arcade games b/c of the end. And the keyboards are good. Esp at the end. And the lyrics are good too. And despite being Canada and written by old men, it encapsulates teenage ennui quite well. And uh. Thats about it.

I just dug my own grave huh? Just kick the dirt on my head as you leave.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Creepy sex songs from a man with an eye patch

What the hell was in the water in the 70s?

Dr Hook, continues to be, the CREEPIEST band. God damn! I need a shower or something. To think of how many poor children may have been conceived to this crapola explains a lot about why the country is the way it is. To crib spinal tap: "this band is treading water in a sea of retarded sexuality". And god bless em.

The Original "Eeeeww really" song.
When Youre In Love with a Beautiful Woman

This song really bothered me as a kid. Im not really sure why exactly. Considering the fact this is relatively tame for Dr Hook.

Sharing the Night

Ahhh yeah. Nothing says hot sex like desperation. Oh puke. And i LOVE how he considers it presumptuous that he may "stay the night" but takes no issue with asking flat out if they can screw.
Also i dare you to choose which one of these hotties you would spend the night with if given the opportunity.

Dr Hook: A little bit more
(the lyrics are worth a look...)

"when your body has had enough of me and im laying flat out on the floor, when you think i loved you all i gonna love you a little bit more".

Oh and maybe this is a stupid question, but which one of these vomit inducing men is Dr. Hook? Id say it was the dude with the eyepatch, but wouldnt that be captain, as opposed to doctor?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Doing It Done Correctly

Re: my earlier discussion about sex and self in songs.

Some fine examples of 8s.

Wild Sugar: Bring it here (yes, thats where they got the sample from). (sampled sex!)

New Young Pony Club: Ice Cream (new sex and computer ad sex)

Dr. Hook: Sexy Eyes

Laugh laugh laugh if you will. If you like it too ill be your best friend. The lyrics arent sexy. The music is.
But when youre in love with a beautiful woman is NOT sexy.

Shirley Bassey: Light My Fire (60s covers sex!)

Im sorry... I had to include this. Latimore. Hotness. Hotmess. This song makes me crack up.

Ahem...and here i was thinking that he was referring to the fact that slow and eazy might please her. No, its all about him.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

What do you do for a living, slice cold cuts? (and other quality dissery)

Ah, the 'dis song. I love the 'dis song. I've been the subject of a dis' song. They are the underrated subject matter of the music world.

The way i see it, artists have a varied amount of lyrical subjects to choose from: I rate them on a scale of 1-10 (1 = low and stupid; 10 being excellent). Love is a solid 2 with hopes of a 4 at best. Unless its love of sex, and that can be a 4, but it can go up to a 7 if done properly. Cars and modes of transport are 4. Yourself? Can be a 5 but can go up to 7 or 8. Others? Well... that can be a 10 if done RIGHT.

here are examples of such "righteousness".

Truly Yours: Kool G Rap/ DJ Polo

"by the way...guess who made his license plates?"

I just cant help but laugh. That is some FINE dissery.

This is, in my humble opinion, the funniest, nastiest dis song ever. The part about the girls. That part is a solid TEN. The first half may even go to 11. Makes "a bitch is a bitch" by NWA a 5. Re: the gay thing? Eh, kinda weak and mean. But heavy penalty b/c the rhymes are weak. However, it comes back hard. And it gets a 10 because of its "can do" attitude.

Some other examples of fine dissery:

Chickenheads: Project Pat

NOW THIS IS QUALITY! I love this song. The back and forth between them is one of the funniest things on record. Humor shows intelligence. She gives it good- and actually, when you analyze it, he never really "addresses" her specific dis's (re: his gas tank, the light bill, etc) whereas she really comments back on what he finds offensive about her (the face she made when he walked up on her friend etc...). However, line wise, Project Pat takes it with the last line...
"What you need some gum? Breath like the thunder...what you lookin at, I dont want your phone number.."

From punk rock music/movie land... the infamous naked girl at show

"I think id like to fuck your brains out...but it doesnt look like you have any" *2.46

For those of you who care, this is from a terrible movie called Suburbia. It came out in the 80s maybe and it was about.zzzzzz... notable for TSOL's performance and this scene which put the fear of GOD in me about punk shows when i was a kid. Until i went to one. And then i understood the term "artistic glamorization bordering on delusional".

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Whats with all the fuss? Its just a dancing condom

Actually... does a diagram of sex count as "adult content"? Does it matter when you are being taught to use a rubber by a cadre of dancing prophylactics? Again, from fartontits.

God bless that website. After careful analysis, i realized what i find so funny about this. Its the white gloves. Makes me think of the Supremes.

Draft Morning vs Silent Morning vs more songs with "morning" in it.

The Notorious Byrd Brothers. What a solid record.

Lol... this song was huge wasnt it. Laughably huge.

Ok, more morning music?

Morning Train!

Touch me in the morning...(i was actually looking for "once in the morning", but this will do)

Then just waaaaaaaaaaalk awaaaaaaaaaaaay.....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

TV Party!

More fun from the Dana Carvey show since Im too lazy to DVD em.

Bloopers and Celebrity Dark Sides & the infamous "clinton breastfeeding" sketch that got the show pulled.

Grandma the clown

Regis and Kathy Lee: Kathy Lee's Easter program. And her song about evolution.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gravity and Levity


can u id what foods are who?

Levity: crazy buddies from the Dana Carvey show

The dana carvey show, btw, is probably one of the best cancelled programs ever. It had EVERYONE on it. Colbert, Carvey, Smeigel, Carell...everyone. Its where the Ambiguously Gay Duo came from. And yes, I have all but episode one on VHS.

An interesting note re: the show. Each episode had a new sponsor. Why? B/c they would drop out each week. Mountain Dew did when Dana Carvey said it looked "just like you know what".

Monday, March 17, 2008

A movie can improve your life


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sweet & Dandy Im Home!

Hello Horace

Im in the Mood for Ska



the Ethiopians

Althea and Donna

Friday, March 14, 2008

public praise for a nice aussie

Please buy the Vines record. Any of them. The singer is the NICEST kid alive and gave us cigarettes. An absolute pleasure to be around and one of the nicest least pretentious people I ever met.

Learn to love me

Im over texas in a big Texan way.
Thankfully im back in good old new york tomorrow.

Why the Smiths reference?
Bc i almost got myself arrested last night for smelling some incense. Yes, for smelling incense. Which apparently translates into attempted shoplifting down here is Texass.

How, you ask, can someone possibly misconstrue smelling incense for stealing it? Beats me. All i know is i was alongside my hubby at an ATM and the box of incense was in my face (actually we were on a riser, and it was a teeny bit below me) and i picked it up and smelled it, and the next thing i know, Texas' most adequate was in my face. A heartless hand on my shoulder. Six months is a long time. I said to the man, hey! Try living in a real world, instead of a shell...

So texas. Im so ready to get the hell out of here. I miss NYC but i will miss the Texan weather. Its 85 degrees here.
Be jealous.

This reminds me of how much i like the Smiths. And how not listening to them for a long time has renewed my love for Johnny Marr.

Electronic: featuring everyone that is good in british music.

The The: Featuring Johnny Marr. One of the MOST underrated bands. Matt Johnson is a genius. And this song is beautiful and perfect and represents everything that is right about music.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Things I like

Ive noticed ive done a lot of dissin' and complaining on this thing. So, in an attempt to appear more well rounded, i will include things i DO like.

I LOVE Kool Keith. I really do. Supergalactic lover....Sigh. Love this man. Love it love it love it. People think he's an idiot. He's not. Google some of his refs. To compare someone who is ego trippin to Donald Hillman? Genius. He's a mad genius. The BEST kind of genius.

I like Blue Cheese. I like them because the vid is cheesy and i liked the whole daisy rap era sorta.

I like this boy. I have the serious hots for this dude. BAD. Sigh...Black Moon is great too. Or was great.

I like the fantastic mess that is the Happy Mondays. I wrote for luck.... and they sent me Shaun and Bez. My heroes. My beautiful losers.

I like this song too. Best break. Great video. So so band.

Austin Wrongness

Nightly recap. Plusses: FOUND SOME REALLY GOOD PIZZA. Greasy new york pizza.
A good old fashioned passive aggressive game of "napkin insult roulette". (see below)

The same drink fluctuating between 6 dollars and 4 dollars.

An RSVP only party with THREE people in it which we were almost denied entrance to b/c we didnt rsvp. Im glad they decided to allow us entry after we said "uh, well i guess we'll go somewhere with people in it".

The loser power-trippin door person that had on a Keffiyeh (of course). I wonder, are the sandstorms that bad in Austin? Maybe I could have saved us some heartache if i engaged him in a discussion concerning his feelings on the whole palestinian israeli conflict, but i have a feeling the only thing he could tell me is how much he paid for that fug in HOT TOPIC.

As if that wasnt bad enough: THE ROTTEN MOLDY CHERRY on top of this waste of time sundae.

Finding out that a record exists that meshes the WHO and DRUM AND BASS. Even worse? Seeing people go apeshit over it. Absolutely APESHIT. Worser? Two seconds of the following tracks immediately meshed into something else: Set it off, that liquid liquid song... as soon as i got up the song changed to something awful. Was my dancing that bad?

Worsest? Um its kinda hard to beat that who thing. That really was something you have to hear to believe. Classic "just because you CAN doesnt mean you SHOULD". People have no respect for "shouldn't".

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who told you that looked good?

Did i miss the hipster memo?

So far, i have counted like about a DOZEN white sunglasses around Austin.

Who told the wearers these looked ok? They dont. You all look SO STUPID. SO SO SO STUPID.
To quote the dead milkmen: How long did it take to get that way...what a terrible waste of energy.

One outfit, in particular, was so whoreanus that i nearly lost my lunch. Actually, if i threw up on her outfit, it may have looked a little nicer. Puke tends to be rather bland in color, and this chick needed a tune down. Its an outfit that made me wish i was not only color blind, but BLIND.

I find it hysterical that the hipsters are seeking to emulate those that they would have made fun of back in the 80s for wearing that garbage. I also find it fun to be reading Less than Zero amongst a bunch of people dressing like its 86. A year not known for its fashion.

That being said, and fashion crimes aside, I did meet the dudes from Hows your news. For those of you who dont know "hows your news" they are a bunch of peeps who do a news program. I guess the term for them is retarded (or mentally challenged) but i find it hard to call them either after i saw the "normals" wearing what i did today. I am a big fan of hows your news, and they were all very nice and very friendly and I am quite sad i didnt get to take a photo with them. Actually it was the highlight of my trip so far.

And im not being ironic here. In a place so filled with pomposity, arrogance and well, bad outfits, its refreshing to be around people who just "are". And who smile. And who are nice. And so friendly. We did look like such jerks b/c we carried on so much when we saw them. I dont think ive ever fawned so hard in my life. I spent a majority of my childhood around the "clincially retarded" (both mild and severe) and i feel very strongly about their rights and believe in their capabilities.

In fact, lord help the dipshit who makes fun of these guys at SXSW. You can all visit me in a Texan jail. Or go to my funeral b/c i will probably be killed.

I met him. Hes soooo nice!

Hows your news trailer

Ask a local and Pants off dance off

A hearty and unintelligible thank you to Prince Motherfucking Klassen for the record store info. I scored some GREAT GREAT GREAT stuff down hea in Texassss. Big Audio Dynamite for 2$! Esther Phillips record? 1$. Repurchased Forever Changes for, um 8$ but you cant win them all can you.

Anyway, back to my 'asking a local'. This place, being austin, has a lot more to offer besides the worlds LARGEST whole foods. However, one thing this city is lacking is places to purchase socks.
Records? Cool tshirts? Be@rbricks? Good kicks? Austin's got it all. Socks? No.

So if anyone reads this and knows Austin texas, can they PLEASE tell me where to find socks? Ive washed mine so much they have now lost their elasticity. Like me.

Re: the pants off dance off. Fun media temple party last night where, during Oh Mickey, my wonderful husband who never tightens his belt properly lost his pants and didnt notice till about two seconds after they hit the deck so to speak.

A fun time was had by all.

PS. the store is waterloo on S Lamaar if anyone is interested. Nice people. Good selection of used records. REAL GOOD.

Monday, March 10, 2008

You call that a bagel? You call this zzzzzzz

To continue the parade of awful NY food here in texas, i ate what was CALLED a bagel this morning.
Let me tell you, whatever it was, and it was something, was NOT a bagel.
Round? Yup. Hole in center? Yup. Toilet mint? No. Bagel? No.

Awfully disjointed entries huh? Well its late and im tired and in a hotel bar in my pajamas. Well technically a tshirt that says "home taping is killing it" and a nice pair of sweats and sneakers, so the outfit says chillin', but the hair and face say "just woke the hell up". Especially the face. Everyone in the bar is laughing and having a good old time. I am sitting in front of a fireplace on my mac alone on a really ugly couch. Which is pretty good actually. Im going to sit here and read less than zero. There's my night! Before you think im "working it" here, at this bar, my husband is snoring really loud, hence my being here rather than upstairs in my cold, noisy room.

Whats next for me? Media Temple party with...Prince Klassen again tomorrow. I wonder if the breakdancers will show up again. As in "you're breaking my heart with your dancing". I wonder if he will play Bumblebee Unlimited again, and whether i will, once again, be the only person dancing to it. Or if it will be thuds and thumps and break my heart dancing. Who knows!

And for those who have been privately expressing your jealousy re: this vacation, consider the following: no evening has the possibility of being ended with good pizza.

Austin night one day two

Rain rain rain. Prince Klassen @ Beauty Bar. Good.

Slice of pizza on 6th post outing: BAD BAD BAD.

I dont know what the hell that "thing" i ate was, but it wasnt pizza. It was something else. Im not sure what it was, but it wasnt pizza. It had all the ingredients OF pizza, but it wast pizza.

The bagel i ate this morning was almost as disappointing and was a close second. The only reason the pizza won was because for ten minutes we had been strolling the streets of austin singing "hit me with some pizza, hit me with some pizza pizza pizza."

I got hit with something else alright.

Today brings nothing: rain and work and tv and hotel beds and then some crap tonight where i will probably want to try another slice of pizza.

Here's the song i was referring to re: pizza. Song is GREAT (eh not this version) but im really REALLY REALLY TIRED of hearing/seeing the SAME BAND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN but with different people from some different 2nd tier city. And yes, i consider london a second tier city. Jesus christ. THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME. THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME. Its not a bad look per se, but im getting bored of it. You all know who i am referring to don't you. In fact, i liked this song better before i saw the video for it. Actually, she's pretty good looking and i like her hat a lot.

And if long fake nails come back "in" im killing myself cos those things are dirty fug and give you nail fungal infections as a reward for your tacky beauty. I live in the burbs, we KNOW fake nails.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Prince Paul on my plane

Hello from a lobby in the Austin Doubletree.
Sxsw. Still lots of homeless on Congress. Looking forward to good music, good films and good times with lots of people who i will probably never meet again.

Still the same old austin: strip bar, strip bar, target, british pub, strip bar and homeless.

God bless it here.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Xuxa and Brazilian Stuff

I was listening to some music from someplace not cold and wet, and i remembered the fabulous and unpronouncable Xuxa. El show de Xuxa. Actually its el xou de xuxu. Xuxa. Sorry.

This show always puzzled me. I never understood a word of it, but i knew the blonde was really pretty and the studio design was really tacky and therefore, awesome. Her outfits were also kinda risque, but then again, how could you focus on anything for more than ten seconds? The whole place seemed like such a fantastic mess. As opposed to an unfantastic mess like Queens NY where i used to watch it.

I still cant follow it. I saw: a cat sing to Xuxa, and a weirdo turtle thing get married to a pig.

Here is a balao magical (which i assume means magical balloon), which roughly translates into bad sid and marty kroft ripoff.

That worm is hot. Actually this whole damn thing is great. From the pederast lookin dude with the jheri curl to the orange balloon with the orange for a head, it delivers on all ends.

And who knew the orange was so talented? Remember her aria? (Sesame Street).

Oh and heres some funness on jheri the curl

A hairstyle popular in the 1980's among urban black americans. A jheri curl was a two-part application that consisted of a texturizer and an activator. The texturizer used awful-smelling chemicals to turn interesting kinky hair into lank, lifeless stringy curls that hung down, while the activator kept the subsequently damaged hair from breaking and falling off while providing an oily, slimy sheen reminiscent of kelp that had just washed up on the beach.

...Also, application of water to the jheri curl caused the activator to rinse out and subsequently left the hair a frizzy, damaged mess, so people with jheri curls by necessity avoided the swimming pool; the need to keep the hair from water probably gave rise to the urban trend of wearing shower caps over one's hair outside. (ed: Huh? Urban trend of wearing shower caps outside? Really? That is actually WORSE than the curl. Congrats.

Oh of course, while Im somewhere else

The TWO BANDS I HAVE BEEN DYING TO SEE MY WHOLE F&*(@&#( LIFE ARE PLAYING IN NEW YORK. Well technically one in New Jersey. But its kind of New York.

First band: Iron Maiden. I love that band and all its nerdness, sorcery, myths and BD with his fencing, but my real heart belongs to Eddie. Oh, my young days at spencer gifts in the mall just staring at those posters of him. He was so scary, yet, so intriguing. Now that i put it in such terms, i think he may have been a prototype for men i used to date. W/o the dripping burned skin, of course. But I digress: the evolution of Eddie (2008 eddie) is probably going to be amazing. He may be the one man who gets better as he ages. Sigh. Im seriously pissed... but it gets worse!

Best video EVER? Probably. Oh totally. You know it is.

This just about does it for me. VAN HALEN.

WITH DAVID LEE ROTH. Missing this show is especially disturbing to me because DLR is going to be playing. I love that hot mess of a man. Van Halen remains, to this day, one of my all time favorites and DLR is the only singer of Van Halen. I bet he's as big of a showboat as he ever was. I fell even more in love with him after reading The DIrt and learning about that "mirror thing". Oh and the only one who ISNT playing is like the least important one! Just bring that Jack Daniels bass onstage! Thats all we cared about anyway!

Best record EVER.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and the Trinity

Shes some hot thing huh?

Indian Ropeman

Come on Up: From 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee

Julie sings Season of the Witch (meh)

Speaking of Donovan... his best song, and not just b/c of Homer Simpson.

But it helps. That was funny.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Be Friends and Say Hello

Well actually dont, b/c these movies are both notable for stinking yet having good soundtracks. Actually I dont like Head much. But this makes up for it.

The Porpoise Song: The Monkees

Up the Junction: Manfred Mann

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I miss you Joe

Your mom just called. I miss seeing your name on our caller ID. Irak mentioned you too the other day. You're on my brain.

You still make me laugh with those stupid noises. Hearing your voice is nice too.

Sweet n Vicious this June. See you there bro.

See you here too, coincidentally. I may be a while.

Boney M blows it again


WHAT THE HELL. Really? I should just change this blog to the "I hate Boney M" blog. I love this song. The real one. It doesnt need to be touched. No covers, no remixes. NO NO NO.

The Only one. ONLY ONE.

I gotta learn to say no

And my response is OH. Best line since "lemonade was a popular drink and it still is".

I was thinkin. There's not enough hip hop up on here. Here's some. Sorry ya'll.

Here's something to wash that taste out of your mouth. I looooved this video as a kid.

Im not a big Ice T fan, but this record is as much of a hot mess as coco. I love coco.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rick vs Rodney 4 wheels hot music and hotness

This was my teenage dilemma. Rick Howard or Rodney Mullen? In some ways, it still is.

Rick Howard Hotness: Virtual Reality: Give it to Me: Rick James


Rodney Mullen: Virtual Reality: Dont Mess Around W/ Jim/Time in a Bottle: J Croce

Good Bleeps and Beeps... for a change

Im so exhausted from the barrage of today. Zeros and ones. Specifically things with zeros and ones not working and or sounding bad. And all of them are annoying me. Ive almost figured out what it is that annoys me so much about it, it being today's music and zeroes and ones. But my research is giving me a headache.

In an attempt to stave off an otherwise inevitable aneurism, here are some half-zeros and ones that do not annoy me: Yellow Magic Orchestra and New Order. Behold the power of two.

1000 Knives live @ Greek theater (1979)

Rydeen: Same show @ greek theater

Behind the Mask (somewhat obligatory, b/c Knives is my fave, but this the first YMO song i heard)

New Order: Round & Round

You all know who was the superior band, right? Of course you do. This one. Phoenix from the ashes of a depressing boring band. Sorry Ian.
This reminds me of something. This is also addressed to YOU, dipshit @ the record store in Adams Morgan. You know who you are. The one who patronized me and catered endlessly to my husband. And scoffed at my delight in his purchase of a New Order tshirt. Like, tskd at me. I say tsk tsk on you and (loosely) quote Jim & Debbie Goad re: the death of ian curtis; too bad his fans didnt follow his lead.

Not my favorite, but a good video for obvious reasons.

and for no raisin, heres the lightning seeds

My sentiments EXACTLY

My brand new laptop died last night. My vista experience can also be summed up in the same two words:

Monday, March 3, 2008

Jazz Fusion + Mime = Shit


Classic Sesame Street

Attempt to regress.

In...Out... a funky disco number.

V in space

That freaky bird from sesame street. No not big bird.

an orange singing an aria

Our 200th birthday...not from ss, but oh well.

Concert for Kampuchea 79

There needs to be more of this concert up on youtube.
I actually was trying to find "the Wait" by the Pretenders from this show, but alas, not on youtube. However, notable performers from said concert include these gems.

The Clash: armageddon time (suffer through the first bit of the shit quality b/c it gets better)

Queen: My Best Friend

Speaking of stealing shows...The ORIGINAL show stealer...Lol, the stones suck.

Hall of Fame: Sondra Prill

I really cant take total credit for "finding" the wonderful Sondra Prill. I forget how and when i came across this beauty, but once I was exposed to that angelic voice, that sense of style and unbridled enthusiasm, I was hooked. Its almost like she commanded me to make sure I let everyone know how much I love her. Ive never been the same. Every night I sit in my chair, laptop in hand, and cry. I pray. Anything. Sondra... Sondra...

Sondra sings Nasty by Janet Jackson

Sondra sings Pump up the Jam (sand in the crack mix)

I love how she doesnt so much as "sing" as she does "yell" at you.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Because Nerds in Paradise is on

"I got a date"..."Yeah, but its with a guy".

(its "all night party" by the gleaming spires btw. I always wanted to know that.)

Someone made a Nerds related video for it.

The Trailer.


Are you ready for the Sex Girls?

She died you know. And their careers did.

Yawn. Its early. I pulled a loser last night. So im continuing on that path and posting my loser 1970s am radio vids. Drink your coffee and fall in love.

Nicolette Larson: Lotta Love

Too bad, what a nice song.

Player: Baby Come Back

Walter Egan: Magnet & Steel

sigh... it hurts.

Ace: How Long (live with a funkier drum and really REALLY good actually) of my faves....America: Tin Man

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Youre gonna look like cooked spaghetti

This song has the best lyrics ever. I guess its a song, right? Or is it more of a dance number + song? This is really just splitting hairs isnt it. The real issue here, is that apparently, Kitty Genovese has taught us nothing. I'm talking to YOU, lady putting on lipstick.

Here's the end of this shiteous movie. Its called "ace hits the big time". Ill ruin the ending for you: he "does it". Whatever "it" is, he does. And ill ruin something else for you: the building doesn't cave in on his head and kill him. No matter how hard you pray for it to.