Monday, September 21, 2009

Now Im not one to nit pic...

A part of me feels bad doing this. I mean, here we have Cheri. An 80s band who, despite some serious quality work, never really made it. I mean, i assume there are people (like me) who think they were just tops, but that doesnt really pay rent now does it.

Anyway, this was my introduction to Cheri. And boy did I squeal when i got this for 50cents. In fact, i think i liked it so much that i managed to ignore a rather glaring error on Cheri's part.

Good song, right? Yeah. But see, its not really Murphy's Law she's bitching about. Its Karma. But, i guess Karma doesnt really have that "ring"...that "je ne sais quoi" that is so important in ugh, "artistic license". And perhaps my inability to excuse (or actually, my even noticing such an ideological error) is just further evidence that I am getting old and cranky.

BUT. The 2 rule applies, and i found this also, and its both ideologically correct, and questionably uh, well... you listen.

PS. Im still looking for this MP3 which has been incredibly impossible to find. Should you feel generous....