Thursday, May 28, 2009

the Saints, the Damned and the Monks

For some ODD raisin, I feel like hearing this today. Lol, captain sensible on drums?

There is a sequitur! The damned covered this (good too).

And uh, YES, i know about the Monks. And this is the only song by them i like.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I dont like Scott F*cking Walker

I know, kinda a lot of vitriol huh? Oh ive got reasons. Actually one. I just heard this.....thing.

MY HEART! The sheer FUCKERY! WHAT IS THIS (besides the WORST version of one of the best songs ever written)? I heard this and wanted to bash my head on my table. My table is glass. I considered that factor and still wrestled with the idea for a bit. And here i was, thinking I left Scott Walker and his fey ass back in college; never to be annoyed by him again. WRONG.

Dusty's version makes me want to cry; this one makes me want to drop dead.

This is his ONLY GOOD SONG. And i am using the adj good generously. Like "community service" generously (read: forced).

Monday, May 18, 2009

Spoonie Gee The Big Beat, the sex song with no sex in it

So sorry, NOT the godfather cos i dont like that song.

Anyway. How awesome is this? Once upon a time, little me used to religiously listen to hot 97s old school @ noon w/ Red Alert, and once in a while he'd drop this and well, i'd be one happy little suburban white girl. Mind you this was before the intronets, so at best i could guess who sang it, and/or ask people at stores who would inevitably send me to the fucking wrong record. And so it sat on the mental shelf till this drunken ass Fri am when Red Alert came on (at 3 am no less, thank you Kiss FM) and i was reminded of its greatness.

99 cents later, its all mine. And its got me thinking. Why dont people do songs like this any more? You know what kinda song im hinting at: this is a song about SEX. Notice: not one curse nor mention of a body part! To find a hip hop song about sex that isnt completely filthy (and uh, a total turn off if you wanna go there) is like finding a Seven Sisters grad on the ho stroll. Which in this economy may be slightly easier than normal, but still kinda impossible.

My long and belabored point is that...ok, i dont really have one. Im gonna get to work on that.

PS. Peaches/Kool G/Ghetto Boys are exempt from the above discussion b/c their lyrics are hyperbole and funny as fuck.

Bonus Non Sequitur!
Well a semi non sequitur. Here is another Red Alert "mystery/usually misidentified" song from le old school at noon. Another Man by Barbara Mason. I cant even tell you how many shiteous records are named "another man"; but i can tell you only one f em accuses its subject of "switching more than she does" and stealing her sexy dresses. AND WALKING DOWN MARKET STREET! Oooh! Escandalo!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don Drummond Interestingness

The Curious Case of Don Drummond

File this under WTF.

Murderer? Insane? Victim? There isnt much up that i could find re: the Margarita murder, but this article kinda sums up the weirdness. Someone needs to write a book on those 2.

PS. I personally find the Skatalites boooooring. I even fell asleep on the floor once during a their concert. Swear. They were third up in a line of 4 bands and i needed my rest for the Special Beat. Yes, the Specials and the English Beat.

Oi! Im embarrassed.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Neil Diamond's Hello Again Special 1986

And here I was, thinking Id seen the lowest of the low. NOT SO. This is really truly an awful awful dated piece of trash, albeit a highly entertaining one. As if we needed further proof that everything in the 80s was total crap...

Part One! Of Five! CAN YOU HANDLE IT?