Monday, June 22, 2009

terrible terrible commercial w too much fog.

Its a rocket launcher alright. :14 in you're launched into what i would have to say is THE WORST commercial i have ever seen. If i were to count the things "wrong" with those mere :15 seconds, i BET i could find 1 awful thing per second. That face when he says "Oh no". His flying thru that fake ass universe on his keyboard. That triple turn. All that wind in his curly frizzy hair. That fog.

no, not THAT fog. (dont i wish)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Total and complete shit records.

I cant even think of an introductory sentence for what is to follow. I will warn you: get a bucket handy.

Sigh. Hearing this piece of garbage drags me right back to my childhood. Shuddering in horror at how, my led zep and patty smith and talkin heads loving mom not only HAD this record, but would listen to it. A lot. Ugh. Just listen to these lyrics. Kids dont understand romance, and quite frankly, are usually horrified by it. Young me was no exception.

But If pailed in comparison to this lovely little ditty that could turn even the most bright sky dark fucking black and stormy. JESUS GODDAMN CHRIST. Not only did this song remind me of grandpa (quiet man of music who happened to be blind) but ugh its so depressing. And the music is so boring that it really makes you focus on the lyrics. When this record would come on (via stereo in the house or tape in mom and dad's car, i would HOWL. ABSOLUTELY HOWL. People wonder why i chewed on my parents leather volvo interior- this is why.

Well well well. ANOTHER DAN FOGELTURD song. This was a minor annoyance in comparison to the leader of the band, but again, file this under "kids dont "get" love songs and they dont like them. Creepy. Oh and how many people really love this song? And what does this SAY about humanity? This video looks like a life insurance ad.

ZZZzzzzzz.....FIle this under really boring story songs. And really what a song it is. The first part of the song you cant even figure out if he's singing about his daughter or his wife. I wanna know how she died. Maybe she hung herself from that tree. And his logic is flawed; he could be with her if he could. Its easy; im sure the tree is still there.

Again, Bobby Goldsboro. Notice that this post has REPEAT OFFENDERS? I hope you did. Cos i noticed. And it goes w my 2 rule: 2 good songs and ill pay attention to your band. Which means that im SURE these 2 vomitocious bands have a LOT more schmaltz in their repetoire than I have discovered thus far. Which also means that I have some really really bad records I need to listen to.