Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Strange Case of Alice Cooper

This is why i dont go to concerts often.

What is the chance im gonna see a GIGANTIC BOTTLE OF TEQUILA dancing on the stage? WITH A HAT!? A cyclops with a headlight for an eye? Costumes w a codpiece? (ugh dont mention lady caca here).... Zero chance. And Im an optimist.

Here's part one. From the record written in the mental institution. I cant say i really love this record, but, man, could he put on a show. He also does old songs, but im a sucker for a bottle that dances while im sober, so i posted the first one.


Family of Eve: I wanna be loved by you

Family of Eve: Having it so bad for you

Bernard Estardy: Autoscopie

Bernard Estardy: Ala Mia Thra

Yellow Magic Orchestra: 1000 Knives Live (and really &@#*(&(@# good)

Yellow Magic Orchestra: Behind the Mask

Moroder: Tears

Moroder: fIrst hand experience in 2nd hand love

The Clash: Magnificent Seven

The Clash: Ivan Meets GI Joe

Alex Gibson Punk Parade

Alex Gibson: Suburbia (Soundtrack)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mr Goodbar

DAMN! Tits been a while, huh? Lol sorry, got myself a life. Not really a fantastic one, but one that keeps me busy.

Ok im lying. But the good thing about neglect is that it allows you to amass a whole lotta lovin while you're off doing whatever, which is amplified by the guilt you feel upon your return!

So here's the better songs from the insanely overpriced Looking for Mr Goodbar cd.

Donna Summer: Try Me I Know We Can Make It

Donna Summer: Could It Be Magic

Greg Diamond Starcruiser: Danger (12")

Boz Scaggs: Lowdown

Commodores: Machine Gun

DIana Ross Love Hangover (subbed out for Dont Leave me this way by thelma H cos uh, w/e)